Here you will only find salmon trout and char. Grayling can be found 10 km (6 miles) downstream of Adolfström, at a rapids that Vattenfall, the hydropower giant, wanted to build a gigantic dam in the early 60's in connection with their plans to harness the River Vindel. Nothing came of it, and we hope it stays that way.
Around Adolfström within walking distance, there are about ten lakes, ponds, streams and of course the River Lais. Lutor Stream - only for flyfishers, how about that? Or the steeply descending Bada Rapids. Further up in the mountains there are many lakes and ponds, varying in terrain and size, everything a connoisseur could wish for. All this and more are on offer at Adolfström, which at its location off the tourist road, the Silver Highway, has become an eldorado for the true afficionado.
Everything from fishing and hunting to culture and relaxation in a tranquil environment.



Four lake, varying in distance from the cabins from 150 metres to 600 metres. That's how far you need to go for your fish. There they are in the lake, and then it's down to the weather, the wind, and in the final analysis you that decide whether the fish are going to stay in their natural element or sizzle in your frying pan. .

A marvellous little lake, 7 km (4 miles) from the valley, just above the tree line. Char only. Five other ponds nearby. Fantastic scenery to the west, where the River Lais glistens down in the valley and the mountains glimmer in the golden sunset.

Two smaller lakes an hour's walk from Adolfström. Lies in a little valley Up in the birch forest. Plenty of catchable fish.


North of Adolfström on the border of Pieljekaise National Park. Excellent chubby char, which daily feed on the lake's shrimp-like amphipod Gammarus, hence the fine quality of the char. There is a boat for hire. In the little river that flows out of the lake only flyfishing is allowed along the first kilometres. This is a wonderful little river as regards the topography and the numbers of biting salmon trout.

Countless column inches and feet have been written about this river, about its clear water, and sandy shores that surround the calm stretches. Globe-flower Trollius europaeus, wood crane's-bill Geranium silvaticum and chettle charm Campanula persicifolia and all the other species that grow on the water meadows. Areas of osier, where elk placidly wander.

No - the River Lais cannot be described in words - it must be experienced. Come fishing upstream, when the spring flood has passed and dusk returns in the nights late in July. By then most mosquitoes have lost their sting and those that remain are sitting sulking on a twig, hoping for better weather.

Fishing permit prices

Adolfström village waters:
24 hours -60 SEK, 48 hours -110 SEK, 1 week -150 SEK

Other fishing waters:
The Arjeplog Permit
24 hours -70 SEK, 48 hours -125 SEK, 1 week -220 SEK



Now we're in the middle of August. Fishing is still being carried on, although the char are growing lazy. It is spawning time, and they have other interests. But the salmon trout are still biting.
There are plenty of mushrooms. You only need to take one of the many rambling trails to find the most common types of mushroom.
A couple of weeks later the autumn colours begin to appear. Soon the mountains are glimmering in all the colours of the rainbow. When the first snow has fallen on the summits, and a bright blue sky contrasts with the myriad colours of the birch woods…. That is paradise to the artist and the photographer. A few solitary mosquitoes a singing their swansong. There is a magnificent burst of colour that few are privileged to see. You can be one of them.
The sun disappears below the horizon at the beginning of December and does not rise until 17 January. That's when you discover how much light means to us as individuals. The length of the days then quickly increases and the pure white snow is blindingly bright in the sunshine. Up among the alpine birches the willow grouse can be seen sitting eating its breakfast or dinner, before burrowing down into the protecting snow. The ptarmigan sit a little higher up in the precipices. There is not much to beat winter hunting. Slowly advancing on skis, under the cover of some wind-swept alpine birches is not the easiest thing. But rounding off the day with grilled ptarmigan pleases the palate of even the choosiest guest. Ptarmigan hunting is permitted until 15 March.

The fishing season starts in March. The char becomes more active as the light returns. Although it can be quite temperamental. On some days there is no bait that is good enough, and you might think it asleep all day. On other days it bites hungrily and is unrestrained. That is what fishing is all about. If the fish were to bite every time, it wouldn't be so exciting... Exciting too is to take off into the mountains, to experience the sense of freedom from being able to move around with the help of a snowmobile. Sit on a reindeer skin by a mountain precipice, or a mountain lake, while the sun slowly rises in the sky. Feel the warmth of the sun, make a real fire to brew coffee over, or to grill sausages. Winter and the cold start to fade in your memory. There is a long and hopefully enjoyable spring to look forward to. You look forward to a good summer and think of how far away the next winter is. When evening falls and you pack up your things for the trip home, it feels as though the day's experiences have strengthened body and soul for whatever the future will bring. .