When Stockholm-born Marianne arrived at Adolfström in summer 1975, she felt she was at the edge of the known world. She had arrived to take part in a course in fell-walking and mountain common-sense. The instructor was a local boy, Jan Thorfve. Something said "click" and Marianne quit her post as medical laboratory technologist and in 1977 she moved to Adolfström.
Now Marianne and Jan began intensive work to extend the mountain homestead, which at the time consisted of no more than a tourist cabin, and a cow in the cowshed. Marianne brought fresh ideas to the valley whose beauty had spellbound many visitors. The beauty of the Lais Valley, with its long sandy shores and varied meadows full of flowers is captivating.
Jan, a "son of the mountains", was born and bred in Adolfström. All his life he has worked with hunting, fishing and tourism. He has been a qualified mountain guide for 25 years.
Add to that his lifelong experience of the Lais Valley countryside with all the surprises it can come up with, and with all this as a background, you have an unusually skilled guide - a guide who nowadays finds it almost as interesting to take along a camera in his rucksack as a rifle on his shoulder.



And the rest of the Thorfve family, daughters Anna and Caroline ...

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