The homestead features a general store, with a highly personal old-style interior. A visit here is a must for all those who come to Adolfström. One of the truly genuine places. The whole store is steeped in old world village shop atmosphere. Marianne has devoted herself to assembling exclusive old objects. The longer you stand in here, gaping, the more gems from the past you find. It is like being transported back through the decades, while still finding modern-day sugar packets alongside sugar loaf and sugar tongs. Old hangings, pillboxes and original souvenirs rub shoulders with other goods. There are foodstuffs, fishing gear, newspapers and delicacies such as reindeer jerky, dried ptarmigan and char. In the summer we serve coffee with fresh-baked bread in the cowshed café, or in the summerhouse on the yard.

If you haven't been to the general store in Adolfström, you haven't been to Adolfström. We're looking forward to seeing you in the store.

Welcome to visit our store


Anna sometimes helps out behind the counter.

Daily papers and evening papers arrives at 17 every school day. During holidays only by bus 3 times/week.

We sell spice, sauces, tins etc.

A wide range of weekly papers.

Equipment/accessories for summer and winter fishing.

A basic assortment of dairy products and butcher's counter.

A large assortment of candy at the counter.

A basic assortment of cleaning and hygiene products.

More products, soups, jam etc.
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