We have converted an old cowshed into a conference centre. A place with a difference, with pine panelling, rough-hewn roof-ridges and roof panelling. The old open fireplace which formerly provided heating for the horse, cows, sheep and hens now spreads its heat in the conference facilities. And in the animals' water trough we now keep birchwood logs for the fire.

The conference room seats 30-odd. But for a small, cosy conference, no more than 15 persons is a good number. The facilities include most conference equipment such as an overhead projector, whiteboard, television and video. There is a sauna in the nearby amenities building. Meals and snacks are served in the Yraftviken restaurant down on the shore of the lake - a picturesque restaurant with an outstanding menu.

If you then wish to combine the conference with a countryside experience there are ample opportunities for this.Hiking trails, boat trips, fishing, ptarmigan hunting, snowmobile tours, helicopter rides. Everything according to the customer's wishes. During these trips, Jan will be your guide and pathfinder. We guide with the focus on unusual and genuine experiences of nature. Come with us and pull up nets from under the ice (how do we do get the nets there???) and any char we catch will be grilled over an open fire. Come along and we will check our mink traps and see other mountain region trapping methods. In the springtime we can find places in the forest where the capercaillie's famous nighttime courtship ceremony goes on. This has been a feature since the dawn of time but is today a rare spectacle.

The way here is not as long as you think. Climb aboard the plane at Stockholm-Arlanda and then land at Arvidsjaur Airport. If you rent a car, it is 170 km (105 miles) to Adolfström and you will arrive here within 4 hours, from Stockholm. The return journey will take less time if anything. It's downhill! Contact us for an all-inclusive price.



Allow us to present a suggestion for a three-day conference, with a break for a one-day activity programme. In this package we can offer the following:

Day 1: Flight Arlanda - Arvidsjaur. From there, rental car(s) to Adolfström. Arrival at lunchtime. Check-in, freshen up in cabins. Conference rest of day. Sauna and dinner.

Day 2: Breakfast, then excursion. Helicopter up to Chekcha Summit (1092 metres a.s.l.). Lunch on the mountain, then hike down to the Lais Valley with its suspension bridge. Then by motor boat past the Yraft Delta Nature Reserve to Adolfström. Upon return home, the sauna awaits you and a dinner of local products. Then if wanted, conference until nightfall.
Alternative excursion:
come along and empty fishing nets at Lake Lutaure. The lake is 6 km (4 miles) north of Adolfström. You fly there by helicopter, continue by boat and pull up the nets. We eat lunch out of doors, fresh grilled char naturally and the local almond potatoes. After lunch, a 1 ½ hour hike along Kungsleden, the "Royal Trail" back to Adolfström.

Day 3: Breakfast and conference. Lunch. Conference until it is time to leave for Arlanda via Arvidsjaur.

Modern cabins with WC, showers and an open fireplace. Beds made and ready. Full board. Fully equipped conference facilities. Sauna with beer provided. Fishing permit and fishing gear. Helicopter during excursion. And naturally we will adapt the excursions Completely in line with the customers' wishes.