One of Sweden's most beautiful river valleys. Crystal-clear water, where the cleanness of the sandy shores and the floral splendour of the water meadows astound the visitor. A river valley with roaring rapids, mirror-smooth shallows with sandy beds, and deeper spots where flyfishers find their eldorado. Everywhere there are char and salmon trout. No other fish. And best of all - this fish was not put out, that's for sure.

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See yourself sitting by the fire in the white summer night, enjoying grilled salmon trout, while the mosquitoes pay their respects. Let you gaze follow the meanderings of the river up toward the nearby fells. To see the majestic gait of the elk as they walk down to the water to drink.

When, full up and contented, you go to your cabin to sleep away a couple of the precious hours before the birds' dawn chorus begins, you will have nourished your soul and armed it for the winter which will come, this year too.



In mid-May the melting waters will find their way down to the valley from the nearby mountains. A day or two later the water rises, making the ice separate from the banks and float with the river, to be smashed in the rapids. Suddenly the river has cast off its burden and is free. It swells and swells drastically. Thundering, it flings its water high above the rapids, and spreads its water, covering the banks. It rises as high as the footbridges, its biggest eddies greedily licking at the decks, perhaps sometimes succeeded in tipping the bridge into the surge.


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Now the migratory birds arrive, along with the web-footed birds, the waders and all the other small birds whose names - who knows? - they may not yet have been identified. And they are all anxious to find a partner, build a nest, lay eggs, and occasionally eat. But what does it matter, when there is no night, and no need to sleep? In the water meadows, marsh marigold Caltha palustris and mezereon Daphne mezereum begin to bloom, and soon millions of globe-flower Trollius europaeus will rule all the meadows.



In the village, there are remains from the Nasafjäll mining era in the 18th century. Pieljekaise National Park is 6 km (4 miles) from Adolfström. By boat (c 3 km, 2 miles) you will the Yraft Delta Nature Reserve with its hay meadows. Merkberget Nature Reserve and the Merk Rapids are within a short car ride, about 10 km (6 miles).

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When mining engineers came to Adolfström in the late 1770's, they discovered that the Yraft Delta produced quantities of hay that could be transported to their livestock. During a practically unbroken period from those days to the present, hay has been harvested there and still is. In the delta, about 50 barns can still be seen. This is a remarkable landscape, with sandy shores, hay meadows, and stands of osier with many bird species.

The elk have plenty of forage on the waterside meadows, and secluded spots where they can retire to in the daytime. In the shoreline shallows there is food for web-footed birds and waders. In the lake, the loons Gaviidae hunt for small fish to feed their hungry nestlings.

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Kungsleden passes through Adolfström and continues to Hemavan in the south and to Abisko in the north. Kungsleden is highly thought of among ramblers. Most popular is either to hike along sections of it or hike the whole trail over a given period of years, or even during a single year. Approaching Adolfström from the south, the trail descends from above the tree line, across a footbridge that crosses the River Bada and the River Lais, along beside the to Bäverholm.

From Bäverholm you can continue past the Yraft Delta Nature Reserve with its long sandy shores, hay meadows scattered with flowers and old hay barns. You then pass Lake Yraft before descending to Adolfström. From Adolfström you pass through an old pine forest and rise to a birch forest before reaching Pieljekaise National Park, where there is a nice overnight cabin. From the cabin it is just a couple of hours' hike to the Silver Highway.

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